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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Having been raised in a coastal town of rural Queensland on the east coast of Australia, I developed a passion for the outdoors and water. My love of nature keeps me grounded and connected.   A champion in Track & Field as a child and teenager, I was able to distract myself from a high school life of severe bullying and torment.  As a result of the emotional trauma endured,  I lived an isolated life as a teenager and young adult, finding it difficult to interact socially.  

Ignoring the hurt and pain from my teenage years, I built a corporate career for myself holding several Senior Executive and national roles in Adult Education, Human Resources, and Operations in the not-for-profit and natural health sectors.  

The majority of my career has been working with minority groups including Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders), homeless teenagers, single parents, mature aged people, Muslim women and the very long-term unemployed.  Understanding the barriers to engagement and social interaction personally and professionally, I embarked on a journey of self-development, healing and nurturing of my natural gifts.  

My journey to 'self' has included undergoing extensive core emotional healing through many modalities, spending time with Indian Gurus, living as a Gypsy with no fixed address and living in Indonesia's spiritual home, Ubud on the Island of Bali.  

Having confronted trapped emotions/energy through learning the art of 'intent' while undertaking my own emotional healing, I can relate and adapt my gifts to support others in their journey to heal and find excellence within themselves.  I hung up my boots from my corporate career in 2016 and now pursue my passion and natural ability to support and guide individuals to achieve their full potential.   I have traveled the world widely for work and pleasure visiting over 30 countries to date. My travel has supported an awareness that we are all a chip off the same; that we are all destined to return to our true self which is just the inexplicable energy of love.  

Modalities / Services
  • Reiki Master

  • Quantum Healing Technique

  • Inner Wisdom Technique

  • Intuitive Channel

  • Face Reader

  • Energy Healer / Coach

  • Business Coach / Small Business Consultant

  • Project Management

  • Retreat Coordinator / Facilitator

  • Ordained Minister 

My first memory of intuitive insight was around the age of ten. The significant emotional pain I encountered in my teenage years created a life journey of self-empowerment.  This journey is still unfolding today.  


I switched off my channel (mediumship) to the afterlife in my late-20’s to pursue a corporate career.   In the last 6 years, I have endeavored to reconnect with my soul's purpose as a spiritual guide and healer.   I now practice my gifts as a clear channel to the collective energy that is available to us all, inclusive of connecting with the energy of loved ones that have passed over.


After stepping out of a corporate career in Australia, I took the insight given by a psychic friend in Sydney, packed my life up, and became a gypsy with the intention of seeing where life would take me.  Landing in Dallas, Texas from Australia, I have immersed myself in my gifts to allow them to benefit others.  I continue to refine my interests to concentrate on providing core emotional release, energy healing, intuitive coaching, mediumship sessions, and intuitive readings delivered with authentic and compassionate honesty.


This allows people to see beyond their situation to the root cause and the effect of their trapped emotions, limiting programs, or habits. By providing guidance to uncover, release or rewire the blockages that are holding people back, I channel from my knowing and guide others to connect with their ‘knowing’ and not remain stuck in their ‘knowledge’.    

Using a blend of spiritual abilities including various energy modalities based on the philosophy of 'self-actualization', Paul supports people to remove their core emotional blockages to live at their full potential. 

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Photo Credit:  Jennifer Morgan, Dallas, TX

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