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Emotional Entrapment! Do we allow it?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The below passage was given as an insightful download during a dream.

"Toxic thoughts of the past are created through hurtful, painful and awkward experiences, entrapping us in the present and in the future.

Life is a choice. We can choose to live in the entrapment of our toxic thoughts, or we can accept that those thoughts are created by the past, the past which we are unable to change.

The past is the past. We cannot change what happened to us in the past but we can change our thoughts.

Thoughts that are created from the memory of hurtful and painful past experiences don’t serve us.

To live the life we are destined to live is a matter of choosing our not let past negative experiences (toxic thoughts) rule us but to live without the old beliefs and know wholeheartedly that we have the power to create our reality".

A reality of love and joy!

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