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Ignite Your Inner Strength. Unfettered by past constraints, it's time to fuel your personal revival and be the positive changes that are now sculpting your existence.


Infused with the vitality and bravery to pursue your ambitions, you've reached the next destination: a life reimagined with Kaha | Empower | Ignite propelled by your own drive and direction.



  • Increases vitality
  • Supports clarity (reduced brain fog)
  • Supports increased libido and vigor 
  • Can support erectile functionality.

Tānekaha: 2-pack (Gin Infused)

  • All ingredients are sourced using traditional Maori practices.

    Gin Infused Tincture

    Bark/Leaves from the Tānekaha Tree

    Gin (active preservative)

    Distilled Water

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