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Hi!  I'm Paul and I am an Energy Intuitive.

What brings me joy is supporting others to let go of trapped emotions from past experiences that are getting in the way of them living the life they desire. 

And, it's not as hard to do as you may think...IT JUST TAKES COMMITMENT!


Think about it like upgrading a computer program or your phone.  Just like electronics, we absorb and store clutter and need to clear it all out so we can operate freely.


Most of us are born into this world in our nature or authentic energy.  Then we go through experiences that program us and negatively impact our emotions and energy.   It might be learned habits and behaviors from our parents or guardians, teachers, or society; or it might be from negative or traumatic experiences we have had that have damaged us emotionally.


Intuitively, I concentrate on working with you to identify, from your past experiences, what emotions, feelings, or opinions have negatively clogged the natural flow of your emotions and taken on a force of their own within you.   These unwanted forces are emotional energy that often keeps us stuck and sometimes in struggle or survival instead of thriving.  They are not part of your authentic self and are in the way of you living the life you desire.


And, we don’t have to relive the experience to release clogged emotions in us.  All we do is concentrate on the emotional charge that was created as part of the experience and work on releasing it.


Oh, and, one last thing, you are not alone.  Nearly all of us have had negative experiences that impact us.  We are taught to stuff them away and there lies the dilemma…we are taught to endure and survive instead of release and thrive.  I work without judgment or criticism which allows me to honor where you are at…no experience is alarming to me…as we are all doing the best we can with what is stuck with us.


So are you ready for an upgrade?  It’s a lot easier than you may think but it does take a commitment to explore, release, and thrive.    Check out what options might work for you, book a session, join the community, or book a Discovery Chat with me if you aren’t sure.

Also find me at:

Insight Timer

Two Bunch Palms Resort 


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