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"It's like getting 6 months of therapy in one session"  - Robert, Palm Springs
What I do!

I will guide you to find your best self and live your desired life!

Do you get to a certain point and get stuck again? My role is to guide and support you in finding your full potential through holistic coaching, energy healing, and intuitive insight.

As an Energy Intuitive and Healer, I specialize in releasing old emotional baggage and pain so you can operate and live at your full potential.    

Would you rather stay stuck, live your life sitting in a therapist's office every week, or jumpstart your life? 

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Having accessed my natural skills to work with energy, and intuitively guide and support others, I combine an 18-year corporate career in Adult Learning and Development, Human Resources, and strategic operations with my intuitive gifts and teachings from mentors, guides, industry leaders, and shamans in Australia, India, Bali, and the US to provide a compassionate approach to supporting your journey of self-discovery. 

What's included in a session.

Our journey to our authentic selves is not hard.   However, it takes commitment and dedication!  So many people expect a "quick fix" or a "one-session wonder"!

My approach is genuine, to the point, and infused with unapologetic compassion.  I cut to the core issues and support you to release and redesign your inner beliefs, emotions, and programs to realign with your authentic self.


Energy healing + intuitive insight + life coaching - a holistic approach to your personal growth and alignment! 

I get on with it and work in real-time, with real techniques to free you from your emotional baggage and the hampster wheel of life.  I work with no judgment or criticism combined with compassion so you get results quickly. 

I don't follow a format or mass-marketed process.  Every session is unique based on intuitive guidance and your situation.   And I won't give you "homework" to do between sessions.  I don't dance around a topic but I find a compassionate way to engage the energy attached to it so we can release it from you.   

I guide and support you emotionally and energetically.  As energy work is new to most people, I act as a coach and guide to allow you time to understand and apply the principles of energy work to your everyday life.  I am merely a conduit for your growth process.   If you want to release, evolve, and proposer then my guidance will support you.   ​



About Me

Having been on my journey for 23 years, I understand what it takes to find our authentic self.   And my evolution of self continues each day.  

Purpose is evolutionary, it is not fixed.  

Having my first intuitive experiences at the age of 10, my teenage years were filled with emotional trauma which in turn created conscious and subconscious programs and behaviors based on negative emotions those experiences caused.   

Divine intervention at the age of 27 resulted in the start of my path to realigning with my authentic self. Having completed thousands of hours of one-on-one healing, personal development workshops, retreats, learning, and skill development, I am now aligned with my role in life.   To support and guide people to realign with their authentic selves and activate their natural gifts.

"Paul has a Gift to assist you to deal with emotions help you process them and move forward . He helped me understand my feelings , expectations where that was coming from and helped me understand myself better. His ability to read into your Energy is Amazing . Highly Intuitive ."

Haley Bevan, Melbourne, Australia

"Paul is a light in this world that helps guide you through so many things. He is genuine, trustworthy, and someone you can really feel comfortable working with through your journey."

Chris Box, Dallas TX

"I wanted to share with you how much you impacted my life. You have such a special gift and you shared it with me. I can still tell you the day my life started to shift, it was when I started the healing work with you. You are a guide and helped me see myself thru my wounds. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and love you."

Stephanie, Dallas TX

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