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A fun, creative satsang that supports intuitive development and builds community!
What is the Energy Hot Seat?
Blue Chair

Ever wanted to sit amongst like-minded seekers?

The Energy Hot Seat is a fun, creative community gathering that supports intuitive development.    You can be a participant or an observer at hot seat sessions.  The choice is yours.

How it Works  


The Energy Hot Seat is for anyone that wishes to delve into finding out more about themselves.   By sitting in the seat, you have the option to:


  • tell the audience about yourself and/or your energetic journey,

  • have the audience ask you about your story to help reveal opportunities for growth,

  • ask the host to provide insight or guidance* or

  • just sit in the energy of the collective group.  

What will you get out of it?   

This depends on you and what you are seeking.  If you want to be held in loving energy you can request that.  If you want to gain insight from the perspective of other like-minded people you can request that.    There is no planned tangible outcome as it is left up to your energy to guide the outcome for you.    Any insight given to you should be received with love and without resistance, judgment, or rebuttal.  

Attendance & Cost


All people are welcome to attend.  In respect of the Host's time and energy, a minimum exchange of a love offering (donation) of $10 is asked ~ more is welcome.    

What you won't receive!

*These sessions are not designed to provide Energy Hot Seat participants with Intuitive readings, healing sessions, or lengthy insight for individuals.   If you are seeking a more in-depth insight you will need to book an Intuitive Reading or Intuitive Energy Session.  You can do that here.  

Taking a summer break! Returning Fall 2021

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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