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Ego-based distraction!

As I reflect on a journey to identify complacency that I experienced in the early part of 2022, I witness now how this journey not only supported a major shift at the time but continued throughout the year 2022!

Complacency in my life showed itself in many forms. For my benefit (situational) and my awareness (environmental - physical and intellectual). It showed up in many ways around me and within me.

It showed up through enduring passive-aggressive situations, through enduring being pigeonholed by those in a different state of awareness, and it showed up, or should I say snuck up in a way that was hard to witness as my ego had one last push towards comfortability and complacency for me.

It was a distraction from what I needed to do for myself.

It was the last push of an old emotional imprint my ego had a hold on, of getting stuck using my skills to support a situation that benefited others yet positioned me in a lesser way.

Throughout my career in HR, Adult Education, and Operations, I developed a strong ethic to support employers in developing and growing a business for the benefit of others, for adequate reward. From this, my ego developed a complacency and a program of enduring. This showed itself in critical mass in 2022 for a reason…and that was to release the last of this distraction and deal with the ego’s last attempt to keep me “comfortable” through complacency.

It was a distraction to support others and allow me to be distracted by “what could be” instead of stepping out and turning my energy on myself. My ego’s safety net positioned me in a distraction that took me away from what I should be doing for myself.

The critical learning for me was in the last quarter of 2022. My ego’s attempt to keep me “safe” was limiting me to the extent that it witnessed conflict between me and my ego! A conflict that

presented what I thought was irritation of a situation and the people within it. This conflict was a sign that my pattern to support employers before supporting myself, needed to be dealt with. I wasn’t putting myself first.

While I endured passive bullying, projection of limitations, and even cancel culture, my internal conflict was waking me up to my allowance to create a vibrational mismatch. And there lies the insight for me to release the last of what was keeping me in an enduring situation.

We have a saying in Australia; ’why scratch around in the dirt with turkey’s when you can soar like an eagle!’. I heard myself saying this to my inner circle and trusted colleagues. And the vibrational shift happened. I was able to work on the last of my enduring program that positioned me as second (in complacency and distraction), to allow me for the first time in my life, put myself first!

Processes were undertaken, energetic release, energy repair, and up-leveling were experienced, and even before 2023 began, significant differences were seen and experienced.

"When you invest in yourself you invest in your future. If you are wanting something to change in your life, stop looking outside of you as it is a distraction."

What a wonderful journey and a delightful shift to see my limiting energy that had me scratching around in an old program, in situations working for others where I was distracted by others limiting energy.

With no regrets, I sat in my truth, that I was allowing my ego to distract me from what I was here to do. I reflected on my journey with employers over the last 30 years. I witnessed for myself where my ego had positioned me in a “safe” vibration that a lot of the time, was an energetic connection to create awareness. Only I was not always looking until it was crunch time.

The laws of radiation and attraction are always active. No matter what situation or experience we find ourselves in, there is always a vibrational connection between us and the situation. The question we must ask ourselves is, ‘is this connection a vibrational fit for me to evolve?’. If not, you are experiencing energetic distraction.

Imagine if you spend as much time working on releasing the energetic programs you hold, as the time you spend on procrastinating about “what should I do”, “why am I spinning my wheels”, or “why am I in this situation?”….due to the program you are running which in the end creates frustration and anxiety resulting in you disconnecting from your destiny and staying in the distraction.

We all have choice. The evolution of self is a choice. It starts with you.

Want to change your timeline to put you into your desired future instead of a predictable future based on what you have done in the past? When you invest in yourself you invest in your future. If you are wanting something to change in your life, stop looking outside of you as it is a distraction.

Book a session or grab a package and let’s release the future you!

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