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The Calling

Time to raise your energy to the next level? 


Next Workshop    |   Early 2021


  • Are you being called to develop your intuition?  

  • Are you being called to release old patterns and programs that aren’t serving you well?  

  • Is it your calling to develop as an empath and bring light to others?  

  • It is your calling to do that through your entrepreneurial skills or business?   


'The Calling' is a gathering for like-minded individuals who are ready to go to their next level.   To develop themselves in whatever area that supports them to move from where they are now, to where they are only dreaming of.   Is that you?  


If so, join “The Calling”; a 6-week program that supports you to initiate your launch into the new you.  

Spaces are limited to ensure you get what you need.     


The Calling ~ A 6-week Development Series

What will you experience?    

The Calling will be a series of virtual/online group development sessions for individuals ready to work with their energy, be guided to connecting to their innate, and stepping into their next level of abundance.  

Sessions will be conducted via Zoom on 6 consecutive Wednesday nights. Each session will be approximately 75 minutes long.    Each session will include a guided process for increased connection to your innate energy and intuition.

No experience needed.  

Sessions are designed to support individuals in the group to:


- develop their energy skills; and/or 

- remove energetic obstacles that are preventing them from being in their energy; and/or

- learn how to work with their energy to achieve their goals.


A desire to learn about your energetic self and adopt energetic practices into your daily life is recommended.   


Spaces are limited to ensure you get what you need.

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