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Truth and Honour. How I connect with my truth.

More and more each day I find clarity within myself. I am reconnecting to my true true potential.

We can be a shining light...for ourselves and in turn for others.

Of late, I have experienced situations that, in this moment, feel like they were projections of a limiting nature. No context intended. Just general projections. The experiences in some instances are others discussing with me their view of my actions...unsolicited discussion around words, comments, statements, actions that I used, made, gave or did.

In the past, I would listen to the persons point, apologise and bank the information in the “oh, I shouldn’t” category of my memory bank and ultimately my subconscious. Oh, I shouldn’t use that word as it might confuse others...oh, I shouldn’t make that comment as it might create others to feel inadequate...and the list goes on. I would take on the feedback as fault. Recently, after having released a core emotional program that takes responsibility for others emotions, I have sat in reflection of these experiences and have been able to identify the experiences were not mine to own. In fact, the other person's approach was generally coming from their fear body and sometimes from their pain body, in a form of criticism, control and sometimes judgement!

Judgement is the lack of for self & love for others.

I sat with why I was recognising these interactions as not serving me well. It didn’t take long to identify the information that was given to me was being presented from what was going on for that person at the time. Whether it be worry, a belief system, triggered emotion, a standard or expectation or an assumption. In some instances, it was implied I made a comment to exaggerate my own self-importance. In another, it was from a perspective my comments, about me, would cause others to feel of lesser importance. I was gracious in receipt of the feedback but perplexed. And then it hit me...I made the distinction!

Each time, I was in fact talking about me. Not from my ego but from my #truth. A place where I had #selfpride in who I was in that moment...a place where I was operating from heart energy for myself...a place not from head energy (worry, fear or judgement of myself or others). A place of #selflove.

And yes, some people may be taken aback, have opinions or emotional shifts due to comments, statements or action of others. Is it a cost to not honour our truth as a means of being compassionate with ourself…accepting ourself? What if all recipients where to witness my actions from a place of self-love? Would I be criticised or judged for being my #trueself? Would they take it any other way than being from the heart / self-love.

Too many times we take on other people’s opinion of us, or words and actions, as fault of our own. If I was in my ego and speaking or acting for the betterment of me over others, then fair enough. But I wasn’t. I was in a humble state of self that allowed me to express from my truth in that moment. If one is in the moment, expressing from a place of self-pride, should they be judged for the way their truth may or may not impact others? If we were to drop judgement, blame and criticism of ourselves and others, imagine what hearing and experiencing #heartfelt #selfexpression would be like! Inspirational. Every time.

By staying true to oneself, we can be a shining light...for ourselves and in turn for others. A light shining from heart energy. To do that, we need to stay in our heart energy that supports a win/win situation. Just be and not get caught up in every piece of feedback, insight or take what resonates for our greater good and discard the remain in heart energy and know that honouring our true self is the right place for us at any moment.

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